Foundation Exercises (NP, NP #2)

29 07 2018

So it has been a few weeks since i have finished the “No Pain, No Pain” book and I deliberately (at least it was deliberate at the start!) didn’t begin Adam’s exercises immediately. I KNOW they work so it seems bonkers but the theory of pain outlined in the book was so against everything i have been taught – both as a sufferer of chronic pain and also as a biologist – that I really felt I needed to think about it, test it and and come to believe in it before I began. This was not because I did not believe it, despite my surface scepticism, I recognised its truth at a deeper level immediately, but because it horrified me so completely that all this might have been self induced. So I tested it. I am renovating our new summerhouse and at the minute all i have done is paint the outside. I have done it in short bursts because it caused pain in my shoulders, elbow and wrists so it has taken ages. That day, instead of managing one window as per my previous record, I told my brain it was being ridiculous and should shut up. I got all 3 remaining windows and door painted with two coats and still managed 2 dog walks that day. And the next day, I was well enough to clean all the paint off the glass on all 4 windows and the door.

So far so good. In theory i shuold have begun the exercises then but i didn’t. Why?

I don’t know really. The bit that Mhairi wrote in the book about putting things like this to the back of the queue really struck home. I am always so busy with a to do list that stretches on for a million miles. I have a photography page to update, blogging to do, about a bazillion photographs to edit, the occasional set of nails for friends, kids to look after, shopping to do, the dog to walk (twice at least) and it just seemed like too much hassle. When i had time, usually in the evenings, I was too tired and just wanted down time.

In the meantime, I have been getting sorer and my painkiller doses have been going up. Co-dydramol, Naproxen and Tramadol. Not good for me, not doing anything to solve the problem.

And it has always baffled me that I end up being my own worst enemy. It has never made sense to me and it is incredibly difficult to combat.

However, I am at rock bottom today, I was on a rocky beach in Fife on Friday and my right ankle is agony from balancing myself and yesterday, i went on a photo walk in Edinburgh which involved a great deal of walking (and a couple of pubs!). My ankle is sore, my calves are sore, my hips are sore, my shoulders are sore and my wrists and elbows are sore. I have Asperger’s so i am feeling flappy from over-socialising with strangers, my chest is tight (I have asthma) and i feel very low and depressed. Some of this is my brain being an arse, in fact, probably a lot of it is my brain being an arse but i decided it was time.

So i have done my first set and my god, my hamstrings are horrendously tight. Still, I completed all exercises. I had forgotten how queasy they made me feel at the start. And i must be the only person who actively hates the legs up the wall exercise! I find it difficult, uncomfortable, my toes get cold because of my crap circulation and it takes me about 10 minutes to get up afterwards because it makes me go all PoTSy!

Still. Step 1 done. I am now off to set multiple reminders on my phone so I will continue doing them! And, despite today’s pain, I am going to try and avoid painkillers. Taking them validates the pain as real and justified.







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